Equipping people to change the world

The Idea Workshop

This three-day workshop teaches entrepreneurs how to develop a great idea for their new venture.

It is run regularly at the Bandwidth Barn in Cape Town, at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, by mLab, by universities, and by Microsoft South Africa to develop new entrepreneurs.

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The Story Workshop

This workshop teaches companies how to craft compelling stories that engage clients emotionally at every touchpoint along their journey with the company.

It is provided by the University of Pretoria as one of their courses for corporate clients. 


The Warrior Workshop

The Idea Workshop teaches entrepreneurs how to discover and develop a great idea for a new venture.

This workshop teaches entrepreneurs how to grow and manager themselves to become people who can change the world.


The Circle Workshop

The Warrior Workshop is for individuals.

This workshop for a company or team will forge a strong "circle" of people who can achieve great things.


The KoiTribe Workshops

This is a series of workshops for young people to guide them into entrepreneurship.


The Mentor Workshop

This two-day workshop is designed to develop great mentors for entrepreneurs and startups.